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About Prisma

Paralleling the varied hues that the company’s namesake instrument casts, the fortunes of founder and President Ashish Modi follow a similar rainbow trajectory. As a Math major, Ashish sought to challenge himself and venture into uncharted domain, to become a self-made, independent businessman. As an inexperienced novice, he implemented his self-taught knowledge and talent and began trading in the color stones industry. However, he was not challenged enough.

He then took a leap of faith and moved to Tokyo, Japan. With barely anything in his pocket and limited resources, Ashish conquered the language barrier and foreign customs to build an affluent clientele list from the ground up. Realizing that his future lay in the fancy-colored diamonds market, he used his matured expertise and self-confidence to focus and deal with colored diamonds. However, he was not one to follow in the footsteps of others. A trailblazer, he pursued and capitalized on untested, innovative methods and technologies.

Expanding his business to the next frontier, New York, he established Prisma Impex and became involved with the re-cutting and polishing of high-end, fancy-colored diamonds. After gaining immense exposure, he led his company into a new horizon and began working with the upper echelon of white diamonds. His expansive knowledge and expertise of colored diamonds and transition into white diamonds has made him renowned in the industry as an honest businessman, a credible dealer, and a respected consultant.

Someone once said that a man has to know where he has been to know where he is going. That is the professional philosophy that Ashish and Prisma Impex abide by and embodies within its staff. Given his past, he knows the value of every carat and every dollar. That sentiment along with his mission of giving a 100% at everything you do and never giving up, translate into the dedication and commitment that Prisma deals with your diamonds and your business.

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